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The MOPAR Power Club "B" body collection

Alan S's 1970 Charger (Collector Car Showcase Museum)-Oyster Bay

Alan With Dennis Gage From TV Show My Classic Car

Peter W's 1969 Charger RT/SE

Joe's Collection 1969 Plymouth

Joe's Collection 1965 Dodge Dart

Les's 1968 426 Hemi Charger

68psrr5.jpg (46249 bytes)68psrr6.jpg (55660 bytes)

Jim C's 1968 Pro Street Roadrunner

Eric Z's 1970 Charger 500

Ken's 1966 Satellite 426 Wedge

Rich P's Collection Below

1968 Charger 392 Crate Conversion (Above)

1970 Challenger (Above)

2019 Redeye (Above)

Dan's 1971 Charger

Peter's 1970 Road Runner

Michael's 1970 Coronet R/T

Paul R's 1969 Road Runner

Isidro A's 1967 Coronet

Tom's 1968 GTX

Victor's 1971 Road Runner

Paul's 1971 GTX That Club Provided To Be Used For Feature Photo's Including Front Cover & Center Pages

James R's 1971 Road Runner

Harry S's 1970 Charger R/T (Before Pictures Above)

(Current Pictures Below)

Frank's 1967 Coronet R/T 440

Bob's Coronet

Pete's GTX

Janet's 1967 Coronet 440

Mark's 1966 Coronet 426 Hemi

Chuck's 1969 Road Runner

Steve C's 1968 Road Runner

Brian D's 1970 Road Runner

Greg's 1968 Road Runner

Pete's 1968 Road Runner

1963SportFuryEngine-Bill.jpg (47819 bytes)1963SportFuryRFView-Bill.jpg (47863 bytes)

Above and below, Bill's 1963 MAX WEDGE Plymouth Sport Fury two door hard top. It's equipped with the dual four barrel 426 cubic inch "Max Wedge" engine, pushbutton automatic transmission, 8 3/4" rear with 3.91:1 axle ratio, non-power steering and brakes, and not much else. It was equipped to GO.

1963SportFuryLSView-Bill.jpg (33611 bytes)

John S's 1970 Superbird

Cliff B's 1969 Road Runner

Walter H's 1969 Road Runner(5.7 Hemi)

Bill C's 1968 Road Runner

Shown above is Peter V's 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-S/E (and a close up of the split grille). Among its many features and options are a 440 C.I.D. V8, automatic transmission, 8 3/4" rear axle with 3.55:1 gear ratio, power steering, power disk brakes, leather seats (with manual 6 way adjustment for the drivers seat), wood grain instrument panel with "Tic-Toc-Tach" and AM radio with 8-track cartridge player. This car was used in the recreation of a detailed die-cast scaled replica from Matchbox Collectibles Inc. What a car!

Below is Pete's 1969 Charger R/T-S/E Used To Make Matchbox Collectible Die Cast (Now For Sale-Contact Pete 631-454-8940).

Jim C's 1967 GTX

Vick S's 1970 Superbird 440+6

Peter O's 1969 Super Bee

Peter's 1969 GTX

Pictured above is Pete G's 1969 Superbee. This Superbee is an original export car. It was sold new in Manitoba, Canada and spent it's whole life up north with three previous owners before Pete bought it in February of 2000 from a guy in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
The previous owner did the entire restoration over a five year period. Everything is new/redone with correct parts. The body and interior are in the original colors and the entire drivetrain is redone as well. All mechanical parts, weather-stripping, chrome, glass, and body rubber is done too. The detail is very nice and the car drives great. What makes it so nice is the color combo of red on white, plus the options it has. Most Bees were stripped down versions with little amenities for comfort. This one has the decor group with the upgraded bucket seat and woodgrain panel interior...it looks beautiful! It also has p/steering and p/brakes with a console shift automatic and the Ramcharger Hood. Even the Dogdish Hubcaps look great on this car. It has the standard 383 Magnum engine and the only non-stock feature is the conversion to electronic ignition. It drives great and everything works.

The MOPAR Power Club "B" body collection

Bob R's 1969 Blown Hemi Road Runner

Mike P's 1966 Coronet

Joe M's 1967 426 Hemi

Lance M's 1969 Sport Satellite

David M's 1966 Satellite

John K's 1971 Charger 500

Asking $4,500-(318 With 2 Barrel / Auto)

For Sale-John -631-793-2279

Mike N's Satellite

Dave S's 1968 Charger

Tom K's 1969 1/2 Road Runner 440+6

Gary B's 1969 Road Runner 440+6

In memory died October 2001/One of the first members of the club

Jerry S's 1970 Superbird 440+6-FOR SALE-631-549-3658

Henry C's 1969 Charger

Ken G's 1969 Road Runner 440+6

Tom D's 1973 Charger

Marc G's 1969 Road Runner

1970DodgeChargerLSView-Pete.jpg (28229 bytes)

1970DodgeChargerInterior-Pete.jpg (38242 bytes)

Above is Pete's 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Originally equipped with a 440 Magnum (four barrel), 4 Speed Pistol Grip shifter, and Dana rear with 4:10 gears (as part of the Super Track Pack option package), the car now wears a "Six Pack" setup.

1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee hood scoop closeup view-George.jpg (7396 bytes)

Pete writes "The car is Plum Crazy Purple with a black vinyl top and white bucket interior. White Longitudinal stripe, rear wing, and road wheels. The white and purple is a great contrast compared to most cars that are purple with black interiors. This car has been thoroughly redone inside, outside, drivetrain, and all parts. It was done on a rotisserie so the undercarriage looks just as detailed and finished as the top!! The car looks great and is a REAL attention getter!! It has a one of 66 made Rim Blow steering wheel (see the interior photo above). The previous owner added a correct 6 Pack setup and gave me the original 4 Barrel and intake. I plan on showing it occasionally and driving it around locally as well."

1970DodgeChargerRFView-Pete.jpg (30289 bytes)1970DodgeChargerEngine-Pete.jpg (47853 bytes)

Peter's 1971 Dodge Charger R/T and 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda are also featured in this site.

Ronald S's 1969 Daytona 440-Was Used On The Muscle Cars Postage Stamps Collection

Steve T's 1968 Charger R/T

Ron S's 1970 Superbird

Mike B's 1965 Coronet ( In Memory )

Rick L's 1968 Charger R/T

Steven L's 1969 1/2 Road Runner 440+6

Ron S's 1969 Coronet R/T 426 Hemi

Otto P's 1969 Charger (In Memory 9/2009)

Brian D's 1970 Road Runner

Chris B's 1974 Road Runner

Frank C. is the original owner of this modified 1968 Plymouth GTX with 36,000 original miles (the miles are the only thing that haven't been modified!). It's equipped with a 440 C.I.D. V8. The modifications include a Tarantula intake manifold, 850 CFM Holley carburetor, Racer Brown camshaft and a 3600 RPM stall speed torque converter. It's also equipped with a 727B Torqueflite automatic transmission with reverse manual valve body and and 8 3/4" Sure Grip rear end with 4.89:1 gear ratio. It's run a best 1/4 mile track time of 11.89 seconds at 110 MPH!

Peter T's 1970 Superbee

Pictured Above - John M's 1974 Charger (Club Arranged For Photo Session That Was On ABC TV 20/20 Show)

Pictured Below - John M's 1971 Blue Charger R/T 440 Six Pack

Feature Car Used Throughout "Vampire In Brooklyn" Movie

Pete G's 1970 Road Runner

Robert S's 1971 Charger SE

Cliff C's 1966 Hemi Satellite

1971 GTX

Pete G's 1971 Charger

Grieco & Dubato's 1972 Sebring Plus

Saul G's 1979 Dodge Magnum

Tony A's 1971 GTX

Tony A's 1968 Charger & 1971 GTX Above(In Memory-7/18/2012

Dan R's 1970 440+6 Road Runner

Don S's 1968 Road Runner

Don S's Road Runner Race Car

Ron A's 1973 Road Runner

Joe D's(Carfellas New TV Show) 1972 Road Runner

John M's 1974 Charger

Bill W's 1969 General Lee Charger

Used In Movie Re-Make Of Arthur

Pete V's 1971 Charger (Now For Sale-Contact Pete 631-454-8940).

Vito C's 1970 Road Runner

Vito C's 1968 Road Runner Race Car

Frank C's 1970 GTX

John H's 1970 Charger

Joe T's 1969 Charger R/T

Daniel J's 1966 Belvedere

Marc G's 1966 Hemi Charger

Wayne's Plymouth Used In Movie "What Happens In Vegas"

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