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The MOPAR Power Club "A" body collection

The MOPAR Power Club "A" body collection (Pre '69)

The monster pictured above is a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. Bob C. is the second owner of this car, which has a long race history on Long Island. With its modified 273 C.I.D. V8 four barrel carburetion, fenderwell headers and 4.89:1 rear gears, this car has run a best dragstrip time of 11.500 seconds at 121 M.P.H. It's currently running a 3 X 2 barrel carburetion set-up. Note the inset in the bottom picture. It shows detail of the numerous Suffolk County Raceway "class win" stickers covering both sides of the large rear window.

His Barracuda was featured in "Big Daddy" Don Garlits' Museum of Drag Racing

More photos and details of the Barracuda

Gino V's 1967 472 Hemi Cuda

Don S's 1968 Dart (Picture Above Is Present)

Brian's 1965 Barracuda

Thomas T's 1966 Barracuda

Mike's 1968 Big Block Barracuda Race Car

Dave's 1960 Valiant

Bill's 1951 Ply Savoy

Scott's Duster Race Car

John's Ply Valiant

Marc's 1966 426 Hemi Charger

Gerald M's 1967 Cuda

Bill's 1969 Cuda For Sale 516-783-1510

Steve's 1965 Barracuda

Michael's 1972 Ply Scamp

Doug's Race Cuda

Joseph's 1970 Dodge Dart

William's 1963 Valiant

John's 1969 Dart 440 GTS

Chucks 1967 Valiant Signet

Joe's 1975 Plymouth Duster

Jacob's 1972 Dart Swinger

Ken's 1975 Gold Duster

Ben's Duster Pro Street

Joe T's 1967 426 Hemi Charger-Red With White Interior (1 Of 59)

Pat's 1969 Fast Back Cuda

Alan W's 1965 Cuda

Vincent's 1968 Valiant

Edward M's 1963 440

1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 left front view-Mike.jpg (17648 bytes)1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 right rear view-Mike.jpg (16846 bytes)

Above is Mike M's 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340. Mike is the original owner of this B7 blue metallic Dart. The car is equipped with non-power disc brakes, power steering, and 8 3/4" Sure-Grip rear with 3.55:1 gears. Unbelievably, this car is Mike's (almost) every day driver. Mike's Car Was Picked From The Club Website In The Recreation Of A Detailed Die-Cast Scaled Replica For Johnny Lightning Die Cast Muscle Cars.

Below is Mike's Dart Used To Make Johnny Lightning Die Cast.

Les G's 1970 Duster

Joe M's 1965 Barracuda

Tony A's 1974 Gold Duster

John C's 1968 Barracuda

Tony C's 1971 Dart

Peter B's 1971 Dart GT

(Bergman Auto Craft-Shop-631-423-1517-Ask For Club Discount)

Walter W's 1966 Dart

Mark G's 1965 Cuda

Bill P's 1970 Dart Swinger

Kevin F's 1969 440 Dart

Andrew S's 1966 Ply Fury

John C's 1965 Barracuda

Jim B's 1966 Pro Street Barracuda

Larry C's 1966 Dart GT & 1970 Charger 500

Tony R's 1970 Demon

Al M's 1971 Duster

1972_Plymouth_Duster_Rich_FrontLeft.jpg (23274 bytes)1972_Plymouth_Duster_Rich_RightRear.jpg (26646 bytes)

Above is Rich K's 1972 Plymouth Duster 340. He's the original owner of this power steering/power brake/air conditioning equipped car.

Steve V's 1968 Cuda

Steve D's 1973 Duster

Donald S's 1969 Cuda

Wayne W's 1967 Barracuda

Wayne W's 1976 Dart Spirit

Richard K's 1969 Valiant

Andy S's 1964 Ply Valiant

Steven A's 1970 Duster

Ron's 1965 Dart

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